cell phone batteries infographic

Cell phones have evolved over time, and so have the batteries that power them. How many of these outdated charging myths do you still believe?

1: Charging your phone overnight shortens the life of your battery

Contrary to popular belief, your phone is smart enough to know when to stop charging. Leaving it on the charger overnight won't harm your battery.

2: You should let your battery die before you charge it

This was true of older, nickel based batteries, but the lithium ion batteries in today's smartphones perform better when they are charged. They also have a finite number of charges, so you actually want to AVOID letting your battery drain to 0%

3: Putting batteries in the fridge extends the life of your battery

This myth has been around for a long time, and is a quick way to damage your device - both extreme heat and cold can damage a cell phone battery.

4: Off-Brand chargers will ruin your phone

While they may take longer to charge, off-brand chargers aren't particularly dangerous. However, you should steer clear of knockoff chargers - always use manufacturer approved batteries and cell phone replacement parts.

5: You shouldn't use your phone while you charge it

As long as you are using a manufacturer approved charger, you can use your device as normal while it charges.

6: Turning your phone off shortens battery life

Turning your phone off will not shorten your battery life. In fact, rebooting your device can actually improve battery life.