Many of us have experienced that moment of panic when breaking our smartphone. When this misfortune happens, we want it fixed. Fast. Many of us rely heavily on these devices for work, play and communication. Now the question is; do you buy the materials and fix it yourself or do you send it off to the professionals? If your phone simply won’t turn on and you can’t determine the root of the problem, you’re probably going to need the help of an expert. However, if it’s a fairly simple fix such as replacing a cracked screen, you may want to consider acquiring the skills to do it yourself. 

What are the pros and cons of DIY? 

Before starting any kind of DIY project, have a self-directed heart to heart and determine whether or not this project is for you. Do you have the time required to do it the right way? Is this project within your scope of understanding? Do you have the patience? It’s important to understand the pros and cons of fixing your own smartphone before you decide either way.

 disassembling cell phone

The Pros… 

The most obvious draw to repairing your smartphone at home is that it can be more cost efficient. Who doesn’t like to save a little money? For some, the satisfaction of a successful DIY repair is really rewarding. Dissecting and exploring these devices can actually be fun if your brain works that way! Understanding the ins and outs of your device will help you to troubleshoot in the future and expose you to learning about preventative measures and available accessories that might help you avoid the same problems in the future. 

Another important benefit to repairing your smartphone, which is often overlooked, is the environmental impact. Technological waste is becoming a bigger problem the more we rely on these devices and the faster technology progresses. By choosing to extend the life of your phone or tablet, you are preventing the addition of yet another device in our landfills.

Pile of cell phones 

The Cons…

On the flip side, there could be some serious consequences if you don’t know enough about the repair and what is needed to properly execute it. Without the right parts, tools and resources, it’s easy to turn a minor issue into a bigger problem. This may mean investing additional time and money to hire a professional to do it in the end, or worst case scenario – having to invest in a new device all together.  

Smart phone breakdown

Do some research so you understand what exactly you’re getting yourself in to. Watch some of our step-by-step smartphone repair videos to get familiar with what’s involved. If you decide that DIY repair is for you, we hope you’ll browse our site for the cell phone tools and parts you need to get the job done! Helpful tip: Each one of’s disassemble guides and repair videos will outline the suggested tools and parts needed for a successful repair. Good luck!