Does putting a phone in dry rice really prevent water damage? See the most popular cell phone repair myths and brush up on your DIY repair knowledge!

cell phone repair myths

Text Transcript:

1: Putting a phone in rice repairs water damage

To increase the chances of saving your device, it's best to turn the device off, shake as much water off as possible, then open the phone and set it near a fan to dry.

2: My phone's warranty/insurance will cover the cost of repairs

A smartphone or tablet warranty lasts around 90 days after purchase, and does not cover water damage, theft, or drops. Even if you have extended insurance, you must still pay your plan's deductible before insurance kicks in.

3: A phone that no longer holds a charge needs to be replaced

It's true that many modern smart devices have their batteries tucked away, but replacing them isn't as difficult as you think! With proper tools, you can replace the battery in a snap, and be free from your charger in no time.

4: It's too difficult to repair a phone myself

Repairing your phone is not as difficult as it seems. With the right cell phone repair tools and repair guides, most repairs can be done quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

5: It's not worth repairing my phone since my carrier offered me a new one

Phone companies often offer a new phone up front, but discretely add on costs over the long term (extended contracts, expensive termination fees, etc.)