We’ve all been there - expecting a crucial phone call or desperately needing to send off a work email and meet a deadline in a remote location only to find there's a measly 10% left on our smartphone’s battery. And while there are plenty of charger options which we can recommend, there has to be a simpler solution to this everyday problem.




1. Turn off the brightness

First things first, does your screen really need to be that bright? Try dimming the screen just a tiny bit and see how your eyes adjust. You'll be surprised that you can still view the high quality display and amazed at how this simple change adds life to your battery.

2. Turn off all those non-essential notifications

For everything but your most important, frequently used apps, shutting off those notifications spares your battery. Since so many apps continue to run throughout the day in the background even though you might not always use them, those notices can be easily eliminated. For example, by changing the setting on your smartphone to check email every 30 minutes, instead of every five minutes, you can add power to your cell phone for when you need it most.

3. Turn off location reporting

Hidden in apps like Instagram and Facebook, locations settings are silently draining your mobile devices battery. Just like using the GPS navigation system, your smartphone is working hard to pinpoint your exact location. Obviously, tracking your every whereabout does a number on your battery, turning off location reporting will help extend your talk-time while maintaining your anonymity.

4. Turn off the vibration setting

This may come as a surprise but a ringing phone uses less battery than a vibrating one. Want to extend the life of your battery? Simply stop the vibration completely.

5. Turn off blue-tooth

Sure, wireless technology is convenient. Especially when it comes to sending files and connecting to other devices. If you're not utilizing either of these, which most people don't, just spare your battery life and shut it down. You wouldn’t turn on the AC when it is hot outside, then open all of the windows & doors, same applys with your battery life. Use what you need when you need it. 

6. Turn off apps you don't use

Finally take stock of your apps. If there's apps on your smartphone you haven't used in a few months, delete them. Apps that run continuously in the background, send unsolicited notifications, or follow your location can suck the life out of your battery. By simply getting rid of those apps you don't use or haven't used this year, you're adding juice to your battery.

Consider how all of these little tweaks add up and can help extend your battery life a bit more. With a few simple changes you'll give your cell phone's battery a much-needed daily boost!

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